The most precious thing I ever lost.

wtf1109 self respect quotesIt was after a night of alcohol fueled self-destruction, (one of many sadly), that I began to realise that this ‘good time’ I was chasing left me forlorn and ever in a state of wanting.

I was unhappy with my life.

Like many before me and certainly like many yet to come, I found myself  face down in a pool of vomit on the cold vinyl. My hair a congealed mat of putrid foamy chunks and transparent slime.

Shame burned through me. What was I doing in the name of seeking happiness?

How could I possibly be so stupid as to believe that this was the best I could aim for?

After cleaning myself up I realised that I had lost my  dignity and from that moment I chose to search for the means to get it back.

My search has led me to discoveries in health, fitness, psychology and science. I have expanded my mind. I have expanded my heart and in so doing I have expanded my soul.

The means I chose: the written word.


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