Infinity – Infinitatum

Immense is existence beyond conventional understanding

New waves of energy can swell the senses

FLowering our perception, heightening our joy.

Illusions melt leaving beautiful truth.

Nine inches to infinity that’s where we stand,

Intertwined with our finite reality,

Together but separate.  Mind searching

Yet afraid to release self made chains.

Intensely emotive yet lacking in feeling

Next to our own selves we stare at the past

Forces unseen require explanation

Intelligence searches discovering answers

Night becomes day but it’s only less grey

Initiate release discover true white light

Then life is more than it ever was

Attuned to life, love and intelligence

They physical, emotional and mindful

Unite the trinity, discover true sentience.

Mesmerise eternity.  Become infinite.

© All rights reserved. Use of any of the above verses in full or in part is restricted and upon request only.


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