Ocean Calling

By Hansueli Krapf

By Hansueli Krapf

The deep blue ocean calls to me

For in it’s depth lies mystery

It’s surface an in-solid boundary

That beckons the soul to test and see.

It’s volume and depth with dark and light

It ebbs and flows, it pulls with might

A storm will raise strong waves of white

Swirling, roiling with immenseness right.

Tranquil, lulling waves on shore

Resonate to my very core

It is not without a sense of awe

And I am left seeking more

Once immersed in your salty grace

Time matters not, there is no haste

When gliding through your fluid embrace

Mind stills, heart grows: My self is safe.

Turmoil in your inner deep

Such burden within must you keep

But in my heart my faith must leap

That that within is what I seek.



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