Slipping on Ice

fire_and_ice_by_3amireh-d3e8jebImbue our actions with emotion

Anger, jealousy, envy:  Trouble ensues.

Calamitous.  Energy projecteed outward

Into Space, into objects, onto paper, into gifts.

Giving and receiving energy – giving and receiving emotion.

Truth, sincerity and love imbued, again arcane.

Peace and kindness shared: Joyous.  (Ignorant.)

Emotion and thoughts, energy projections

Within… Without.

Mingling, influencing, never true to Self.

Always seducing, always corrupting.

Hatred, violence:  Overwhelming, dominating.

Never safe from that within.

Never safe from that without.

Always reactionary

Always playing, toying

Always frustrated

Tired of controlling, denying

Tired of suppressing

Clarity comes through the action of ICE

Ice is everything, ice is nothing

Ice transforms its landscape

Seeking ice, reaching for ice

Touching feeling

Merely melts between my fingers.

Emotions are water so freeze me to the core

Freeze me here

Smooth.  Cold.  Harsh.

Ice crystals form accelerating in growth

From two to six spread through to the limits of being.



Metlted edges flow through,

Eroding that previously immovable.

How do I find Ice when it just melts with Fire’s touch?

I reach…

It melts…

I slip.



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