G – Terry Goodkind

terry-goodkindTerry Goodkind is an American fantasy writer who has had huge success with his Sword of Truth Series selling 25 million copies and has been translated into over 20 languages.

I discovered Terry Goodkind whilst at University in 2000 and found his books to be the ultimate escapism from the stress of coursework and exams. They were and remain, the most vivid and engrossing books I have ever read. I love everything about Terry’s writing: his style, the world he created, the characters, the philosophy and ethics behind the stories, and the sheer originality in the details.  The wizards rules have become my own 10 commandments and have helped me overcome my depression and low self esteem.

faith3The philosophy is based on Objectivism, a philosophical approach devised by Ayn Rand. At its core, is the belief that consciousness and reality are separate, and that seeking out a moral happiness for oneself is our life’s purpose.  It is all about emotional, psychological and physical freedom. Applying this philosophy in my own life is what has brought me happiness and certainly has set me on the path to peace.

I am a huge fan of Terry Goodkind’s work, and if there’s only one fictional book you read in this A-Z, I’d recommend you read Wizard’s First Rule.

List of Works

Sword of Truth Series                                               Sword of Truth Series (2)

Prequel: Debt of Bones (1998)                            Prequel: First Confessor: The Legend of

Wizard’s First Rule (1994)                                                        Magda Searus (2012)

Stone of Tears (1995)                                              The Omen Machine (2011)

Blood of the Fold (1996)                                        The Third Kingdom (2013)

Temple of the Winds (1998)

Soul of the Fire (1999)                                           Stand Alone Novels (Related)

Faith of the Fallen (2000)                                   The Law of Nines

The Pillars of Creation (2002)

Naked Empire (2003)

Chainfire (2005)

Phantom (2006)

Confessor (2007)


Wizards_first_ruleThe Wizard’s First Rule is where it all begins.  We meet Richard a simple woods guide and Kahlan the Mother Confessor.  Kahlan undertakes a desperate journey to cross the boundary between the lands to find the last Great Wizard so he can name a true Seeker of Truth to defend them all against the Dark House of Rahl. The Dark wizard seeks the power of  life over death and seeks three magical boxes to unlock those secrets.  Richard is named ‘Seeker’, and so he embarks upon the journey and sees the truth in a way only the true seeker can.

FoFFaith of the Fallen is book six of the series and is also my favourite.  The first time I read it, I was incredibly frustrated with Terry for the lack of action.  It felt like nothing was happening, at least nothing successful. It was a controversial book amongst his other loyal fans as well for this reason.  Richard is captured by Nicci, a sister of the Dark and taken to the very heart of the old world. However, lose of freedom is what this story is about.  That and of course Faith. Richard has lost his faith in the cause, they are overwhelmed by The Order.  The New World is losing. If Richard cannot find his way to physical freedom and restore his faith, then all would be lost forever.

phantom-chainfire-trilogy-part-2-terry-goodkind-paperback-cover-artPhantom is book ten of the series and is where Kahlan’s character is really put to the test.  She has up to this point been an incredibly strong, self-empowered woman. In phantom she is captured by the sisters of the dark and a memory spell weaved into the fabric of reality to remove every trace of her existence. No- sees her,no-one knows her, no-one remembers her, she doesn’t even know her own name. She becomes a slave, a bargaining chip, and the key to the destruction of all life. Though she has no memory of who she was, she is still Kahlan in character and finds ways to make herself known.


2 responses to “G – Terry Goodkind

  1. I really enjoyed Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. My husband and I went through the audiobooks together. I haven’t read any of the second series though. Are they pretty good?

    • If you like the first series then I’m sure you’ll love the second, it continues on where the Confessor leaves off. I have only read The Omen Machine and Terry introduces a whole new element of magic not seen before in the machine that generates prophecy or omens. I can’t wait to read the prequel and second book, but have a stack of other books to get through first!

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