H – Ben Horton

horton, benI found Ben Horton in a charity shop of all places. I freely admit that I always do judge a book by its cover and the cover of Monster Republic grabbed me.  It is young adult science fiction book, and I bought it with equal thoughts genre research and it being something my own teenage son would enjoy.

There is little information available about this little known author, except that he lives in london where he is involved in theatre productions, both acting and directing.

Ben’s writing style is simple yet powerfully effective, the characters fascinating and the plot engaging. I literally could not put it down once I’d started. From Ben’s work I realised that plot does need to be overly complex, and that there is still a chance for new writers to be published in the traditional sense. He gave me courage to continue on my own journey as a writer.

List of Works

Monster Republic

Monster Republic: The Judas Code

Monster Republic: Omnibus Edition


monster republicMonster Republic, a modern Frankenstein, is an edge of your seat science fiction thriller. It’s about a boy, Cameron, who is killed during a school field trip to a nuclear power plant.  Cameron awakens to a nightmare of bionic implants and scavenged body parts.  He escapes from the lab, and with the help of Rora he finds a haven in the Monster Republic.  Dr Fry, their creator, has evil plans and the only ones who can stop him are the monsters who were the Drs previous and failed experiments.


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