I – Ian Irvine

220px-Ian_2010_72dpiIan Irvine was an Australian environmental consultant who wrote fantasy fiction in his spare time, so of course I completely related to him! He now writes full time and only undertakes consultations on environmental projects in his spare time.  How amazing would that be?  To be able to make writing my full time occupation would be totally awesome!

He writes vivid fantasy stories with real and complex characters that interact in interesting ways. There is magic, adventure and maps! I do love a good map and Ian Irvine’s The Three World Cycle maps are fascinatingly detailed and visual.

List of Works

The Three Worlds Cycle Series

The view from the Mirror Quartet                           Human Rites Trilogy (Adult)

A Shadow on the Glass (1998)                                    The Last Albatross (2000)

The Tower on the Rift (1998)                                       Terminator Gene (2003)

Dark is the Moon (1999)                                                The Life Lottery (2004)

The Way Between the Worlds (1999)

The Well of Echoes Quartet                                       Runcible Jones Quartet
                                                                                                                     (Young Adult)

Geomancer (2001)                                                           The Gate to Nowhere (2006)

Tetrarch (2002)                                                                The Buried City (2007)

Scrutator/ Alchymist (2003)                                       The Frozen Compass (2008)

Chimaera (2004)                                                            The Backwards Hourglass (2010)

The Song of Tears Trilogy                                           Others

The Fate of the Fallen (2006)                                   The Sorcerer’s Tower Quartet (8-11yrs)

The Curse on the Chosen (2007)                              Grim and Grimmer Quartet (9-15 yrs)

The Destiny of the Dead (2008)                              The Tainted Realm Trilogy

(Adult /Young Adult)


view from the mirrorThe View from the Mirror Quartet.  There were once three worlds, now there is only Santhenar and refugees who hide their continued existence from each other. There are magic artefacts, wizards, and epic backstories.  There is egotistical self interest, folly and pride.  The story is centred around Llian, a professional storyteller/historian and Karen a blending of Human/Aachim ancestry who is a landholder with an old family debt to repay.

geomancerThe Well of Echoes is set considerably further into the future on Santhenar. The world is ruled by an unknown great power, the people live in squalor and as slaves to the organisation of their society. Technology is considerably more advanced and it is linked to a harnessing of magic and the energy fields of the world. It follows the various journey’s of Nish a coward son of a bully, and Tian a woman who has the rare quality of knowing right from wrong in a world that thrives on corruption.

lb-the-fate-of-the-fallen-pbIn the Song of Tears Trilogy the world has fallen into even darker times than before. The tyrant Jal’Nish has taken control of the world and the only one who can stop him is the coward son Nish who wallows in the cesspit of the prison.  Guarded by the eyes that see all, there is no hope for escape. This Trilogy sees Nish overcome his fears and stand against the Tyrant, his own father.



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