J – Robert A. Johnson

robert johnsonRobert A Johnson is a Jungian analyst who has rewritten many of the old myths, legends and folk tales to explain the symbolism and psychology behind them. The term jungian analysis refers to the interpretation of a branch of psychology laid down by Carl Jung.

Carl Jung was a psychotherapist who believed that psychosis occurs when a person (their ego or  conscious mind) ignores their true inner selves (the shadow or unconscious mind) and the unconscious then is forced to manifest itself to make itself known.  Humanity is very disconnected from it’s own being and much of his work in balancing the mind was about integrating these opposites to create a whole person.

JungWe are all seeking wholeness. We look for wholeness in religion, in acceptance from others, and in romantic partners. Where we should be looking though, is within our own selves. If you’re at all aware of your own disconnection from the earth, or perhaps you feel separate or isolated from other people, then these books could be for you.

List of Works

He                                                                                               She

We                                                                                              Ecstasy

Owning Your Own Shadow                                                Transformation

The Fisher King & The Handless Maiden                         Femininity Lost and Regained

Lying With the Heavenly Woman                                      Balancing Heaven & Earth

Contentment: A Way to True Happiness                          Inner Work

Living Your Unlived Life


sheSHE is about how women can find wholeness in both their own femininity and in using a balanced amount of masculinity.  This journey is explained through the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros, the god of love. Psyche is a mortal woman sacrificed to Death, but Eros, sent to seal her fate, pricks his own finger on an arrow, falls in love and rescues her from this fate. Later, Psyche shines her light on him to see who her lover is, and pricks her finger falling in love in return, however because of this he leaves.  Psyche must then undertake four impossible tasks from Aphrodite to win the approval of the Gods in this match. The tasks are what every woman needs to understand to become a woman.

weWE is about romantic love and how we project onto our prospective partners.  Humans are religious beings whether we acknowledge this or not. Romantic love has become the new western outlet to attain spiritual experiences and growth. Interestingly it was a concept born in the arab culture that we in the west took on whilst the european arabs of the age stamped it out due to the dangers for the inexperienced and unenlightened commoner. WE is an extremely interesting read that shines a light on unconscious behaviour and repeating patterns in relationships.

LIVING~1Living Your Unlived Life is a great book if you spend a lot of time feeling sad over what might have been, or if you are still struggling to attain an impossible dream of tomorrow.  It gives practical exercises to help you really think about what traumas you’re holding onto because you regret the decisions, actions or inactions of your past. It helps you to come to terms with things that will never be and to focus on the very real present opportunities available to you. In essence it helps you let go and move on.



7 responses to “J – Robert A. Johnson

  1. Very interesting (and awesome) that a writer would adapt mythology to explain hidden psychology and symbolism. I’m glad you listed books to check out. Thanks for sharing.

    • The more a person understands the meaning of symbolism and archetypes the more you see them in everything! 🙂 Hope you find them as interesting as I have. 🙂 x

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