L – Jack London

Jack londonJack London was born John Griffith Chaney 1876 and died young at only 40 years of age.  He was suffering from uremia (kidney failure) but he probably died of an accidental morphine overdose. He wrote prolifically and made a large fortune with a bibliography of 23 novels, over 100 short stories, 21 short story collections, 3 autobiographical memoirs, 22 non-fiction essays, 3 plays, and 45 poems.

I had a thing for animal stories when I was a child so of course it was inevitable that I would read Jack London.  He is most famous for his novels ‘White Fang’ and ‘Call of the Wild’. Both of which have been made into films.

List of Works

The list is so extensive that I have just included the most famous ones.

Call of the Wild (1903)

White Fang (1906)

The Iron Heel (1908)

Martin Eden (1908)


white_fangWhite Fang is a story told from the viewpoint of a wolf named White Fang. It follows his journey of survival in the wild, through slavery and human mistreatment,  and his eventual rescue. The wolf learns to love and trust again as he develops a friendship with a human boy. It is a beautiful story and one I treasure. Highly recommended reading for children aged 8+ who love nature, animals and survival stories. For girls and boys alike!



9 responses to “L – Jack London

  1. Oh, I love Jack London’s animal stories – they are about so much more, but the characters are great. Thank you for pointing out his other works, I didn’t realize he had written so much. I may have to take a look at more of his offerings.

    • My source information isn’t clear but my understanding is that his first professionally published piece was “To the Man on the Trail” in 1898. But he has earlier pieces dating back to 1894. So I would say perhaps he was writing from the age of 18 but not properly published until he was 22.

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