M – Tom McCaughren

tom-mccaughrenTom McCaughren is an Irish writer, most famous for his fox books.  It’s these that I’ve read as a child and from them I gained a deep connection to the environment and a belief in animal rights. Foxes became my favourite animal and remain so to this day.

The fox series is a set of six books which follow the story of a community of foxes who use their natural skills of cunning and courage to outwit their adversaries both animal and human.

Tom McCaughren is another writer who uses the animal perspective to portray environmental themes and animal rights. The stories have elements of mysticism, adventure, danger and courage and the environmental themes are still relevant today.

List of Works

Run with the Wind                      The Legend of the Corrib King

Run to Earth                                 The Legend of the Phantom Highwayman

Run Swift Run Free                     The Legend of the Golden Key

Run to the Ark                              The Children of the Forge

Run to the Wild Wood                  The Silent Sea

Run for Cover                                Ride a Pale Horse

Adult book

Peacemakers of Niemba


run wind

In Run with the Wind we meet Black Tip, Vickey, Old Sage Brush and Hop Along (who lost a leg in a trap and escaped by chewing it off). In a country where fox hunting is common, Run with the Wind is the  motto to live by when all cunning plans fail. It’s a story about survival from dangers both natural and human.

run to earth

In Run to Earth, Vickey and Black Tip have a litter of fox cubs. However a new threat hangs over them.  Ratwiddle, a mad old fox, dreams of rising water that will drown them all. They have little time to realise the omens and save the valley from human construction plans.



Run Swift, Run Free follows the coming of age of the young cubs; how they learn to fend for themselves. It’s a lovely story about children defying their parents, learning through play and experience and discovering the harsh realities of life. They must learn the skills their parents had to learn.  The skill of cunning for surviving.


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