O – Peter O’Neill

peter o neillPeter O’Neil wrote an incredibly brilliant little book called Environmental Chemistry. It was a fundamental bible for the budding Environmental Scientist as it was packed full to the brim with a Holistic view of the chemical processes occuring naturally in the environment.  It details the cycles of the major elements found in the earth’s crust. ie the natural processes that occur due to weathering, biological action, or atmospheric conditions. It then details a few minor elements and the environmental problems they pose.

Environmental Chemistry is a must read for anyone who wants to understand pollution in the environment and the dangers chemicals pose not simply in their toxicity but in the manner they will disseminate into the wider world. If you don’t know what the major chemical processes are on earth, you will never be able to determine what will happen to a chemical when dumped.

I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about understanding the fundamentals of the environment and how chemicals move through different spheres of the planet (biosphere, atmosphere, earth).




One response to “O – Peter O’Neill

  1. This is great! As a graduate from an environment liberal arts college that had the mission before it was cool, I love to see this! I believe that I have heard of this book, but never actually read it. Go Northland College!

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