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pc2Paulo Coelho is a global phenomenon. His most famous book The Alchemist, has been translated into 80 languages and sold over 65 million copies.  He was born in brazil 1947 and knew from an early age that he wanted to be a writer but was dissuaded from the pursuit for many years until he undertook a pilgrimage in Spain that changed his life. He re-evaluated his life’s purpose and his focus following a spiritual awakening, and so began his writing career in earnest.

Paulo-Coelho-Quotes-3His books are very spiritual in theme and have touched a chord deep in my soul.  His writing is very easy to follow and there are many things to be learned from their pages.  The books are mostly fictional though drawing on his real-life experiences except for three which are autobiographical.

List of Works

Hell Archives (1982)                                          Practical Manual of Vampirism (1986)

The Pilgrimage (1988)                                       The Alchemist (1988)

Brida (1990)                                                          The Greatest Gift (1991)

The Valkyries (1992)                                          Maktub (1994)

By the River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept (1994)

The Fifth Mountain (1996)                               Love Letters from a Prophet (1997)

Manual of the Warrior of Light (1997)          Veronika Decides to Die (1998)

Essential Words (1998)                                     The Devil & Miss Prym (2000)

Fathers, Sons & Grandsons (2001)               Eleven Minutes (2003)

The Genie and the Roses (2004)                     Journeys (2004)

The Zahir (2005)                                                 Revived Paths (2005)

Like the Flowing River (2006)                         The Witch of Portobello (2006)

Life:Selected Quotations (2007)                     The Winner Stands Alone ( 2008)

Aleph (2010)                                                       Manuscript Found in Accra (2012)

Adultery (2014)



The Alchemist is a story that follows a simple goat herder who dreams of something grander than his life. He literally has a vivid dream about a treasure buried near some pyramids in Egypt and sets off in search of it. He meets lots of people on his journey some who help him some who need his help. It is an inspiring journey filled with choices and awakenings.


Aleph is an autobiographical story about a train journey that Paulo Coelho took on the Trans-Siberian Railway. He meets Hilal a young woman and their lives are intertwined both in the present and the past from previous lives and things left unfinished. This is a story about forgiveness.  Forgiving others, forgiving oneself, and being blessed with the forgiveness of others.


The Manual of the Warrior of Light is a book of little insights, riddles and wisdoms that inspire and guide those who seek spiritual growth.  For example the first is A warrior of light knows that he has much to be grateful for.




Paulo Coelho has a website, a blog, a facebook page and twitter if you wish to follow him.



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    • I can only imagine the ride. It must be exciting and emotionally broadening as only travelling and experiencing other cultures can be! Aleph is really well written and inspiring in any case. 🙂

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