S – Angie Sage

angie sage

Angie is an English author born 1952, in Thames Valley, England. She writes in the Fantasy genre. Part of the genre is the need for a good map and she has one! There are sketches of the different characters adorning each new chapter, showing who the chapter is about. These are done by illustrator Mark Zug.

JennaAngie Sage is mind blowing children’s book author. I discovered her only last year whilst doing market research for young adult literature. For me, market research involves reading loads of really great books whilst calling it work!

List of Works

Septimus Heap Series                                  Araminta Spook Series

Magyk  (2005)                                                       My Haunted House (2006)

Flyte (2006)                                                            The Sword in the Grotto (2006)

Physik (2007)                                                        Frognapped (2007)

Queste  (2008)                                                      Vampire Brat (2007)

Syren    (2009)                                                       Ghostsitters (2008)

The Magykal Papers (2009)                              TodHunter Moon Series

Darke    (2011)                                                       Pathfinder (Forthcoming Aug, 2014)

The Darke Toad (Novella)

Fyre (2013)


magykThe Septimus Heap Series begins with Magyk.  It is an incredibly imaginative work of fiction with laugh out loud humour. It is completely consciousness absorbing for those with a vivid imagination. It is rich in symbolism and magic. Angie uses misspellings, bold or italic typeface to highlight the magykal properties of certain words, for example Darke, Flyte, Physik etc.

SeptimusSeptimus is a boy who was abducted as a baby by the evil wizard Dom Daniel because he was the seventh son of a seventh son and therefore would be a very powerful wizard. Dom Daniel wanted him as his apprentice, but he gets much less than he bargained for.

marciaMeanwhile, the Queen is murdered and the baby princess missing presumed dead. There is the hint of Darke attempting to return but Marcia Overstrand Extraordinary Wizard will not allow that to happen. About 10-12 years later a boy in the army called 412, brainwashed and afraid, gets caught up with a bunch of wizards whom he’s been told to guard the palace against but when he begins to overcome those fears, friendships are forged.

Septimus Heap is totally brilliant in my opinion and if you like fantasy stories about magic, friendship and teamwork then you will love it too!




7 responses to “S – Angie Sage

    • Yes there is something about English authors, perhaps our imaginations flourish due to the conservative upbringings…. 😉 Having said that some of the authors on this A-Z list are American, one is brazilian, one Tibetan, and there are others coming up shortly from other european countries. x

  1. Wonderful and informative theme you have here. I used to read English authors all the time. And I still read a lot of YA. Popping in from A to Z Challenge. Hope you’re having fun this year! I’m going to check out your other posts.

    • Thank you! Yes I’m having great fun. It’s the first time I do the A-Z Challenge and part of what’s great about it is social aspect! Thanks for taking the time to check out my posts 🙂 Hope to see you again. x

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