T – J. R. R. Tolkien


tolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien was born John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in 1892. There is loads of information on his life and if you are interested follow this link here or for his full bibliography here.

Tolkien is the Godfather of Fantasy: it is from his work that all others come. The Lord of the Rings is the essential read for any Fantasy buff. It was the magic of middle earth that first inspired me to write as an adult, and I will always have a special place in heart for him.

Christopher, Tolkien’s son published many of his fathers old manuscripts and notes posthumously. I have read some of these but I warn you they are hard work. However, if you are a writer in the fantasy genre, struggling with world building, then you may be interested in some of them, purely from the fascination of seeing how he did it.

DSCF3422I had the pleasure of holidaying in the Forest of Dean with a very good friend in 2012, and one of the things we both really wanted to do was visit Puzzlewood. Puzzlewood, if you don’t know is where Tolkien got his inspiration for the Ents and the trees that moved. It is truly a wonder to see how the trees have grown over the rocks and Tors, they really do appear to be moving over them!

List of Works

Fiction – 16 pieces of work, including poetry and a play.

Poetry – 93 poems, many of which appear in collections, or posthumous publications.

Non-fiction – 22 academic essays on language, mythology and fairy stories.

Post humous publications – totalling 40 many of which are related to the world of Middle earth.


Lord-of-the-ringsThe Lord of The Rings needs little reviewing. You will either read it because you love fantasy, or you won’t.

The-HobbitThe Hobbit currently being released in film. The book itself was not half as good as the The Lord of The Rings. The Hobbit was Tolkien’s first novel and it shows in the quality of his writing style. The films on the other hand deviate a lot from the book and are much better for it. Though, whether it is due to adulteration, or from the addition of information from the various other middle earth writings, I’m not sure.  If anyone does know, please leave  me a message below.

Book Tolkien Book of Lost Tales 1 Unicorn 1985 1st PaperbackThe Book of Lost Tales 1 is very hard work. The reason for this is it has no real story, and no heroes to get behind.  It is just a collection of short stories told sat by the fire by characters that are nostalgic for the past long since gone. If you really love middle earth and want to learn more about how the world began, the people’s that populated it, then it’s a great place to start as it literally starts at the beginning of time with the creation.


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    • It didn’t stick out in your mind then! I’m persevering with The Book of Lost Tales 1 and I’d like to read all the history books one day, but only because I love Middle Earth so much. Tolkien really is the grand master of world building. 🙂

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