U – Unknown Authors

UnknownSo far my theme has been to write about specific authors who have influenced me both as a person and as a writer. Today I’m going to break from the usual format.  Today, I’m going to dedicate to all those Unknown Authors out there, struggling to be known.

1377995_10153244679645012_942161329_n-1People like my friends at the Inkslingers Writing Group, my friends from the Plymouth Wrimos Group, my friends in the Purple Valley Scriveners, the community of the Insecure Writers Support Group, and to all my new followers.  This one is for all of you who are persevering in your hearts and souls for what you believe in.

This post will be a forum for unknown authors to comment and link to and share their work, so please do leave a quick tagline about your piece and a link to where it can be found or bought.

If you read someones work then like their comment, or leave a reply to it.

There is great joy for me in discovering a new author, I look forward to reading and sharing in your journeys too.

♥ Love & Peace ♥



8 responses to “U – Unknown Authors

  1. This is lovely, Jessica. You’ve already given me a review of “At This Point in Time” on Goodreads, so I’ll add the link for my website instead, if you don’t mind. That way, there are links for the book and that takes away the need to relist them here. Thanks. http://starlogic.ca/

  2. What a nice post! I don’t have anything published yet to link to, but I’ve passed your post link along to someone who does. 🙂 What a great, supportive effort for fellow writers. 🙂

  3. Jessica, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Teresa Cypher found your post and forwarded it to me.
    The Bench is a A collection of poetry and very short fiction

    For the imaginative reader who loves words and appreciates variety The Bench includes something for everyone whether you’re seeking the powerfully evocative, unabashedly strange or simply wish to be entertained; perfect when taking a break on a bench or anywhere else.

    Ignite your senses

    Original, concisely woven storytelling, that at the end allows your mind to conjure up its own images, interpretations and conclusions

    The collection contains ten colour photographs by the author

    I can be reached through a comment on my blog

    The Bench can be purchased at the following.

    Reviews are on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

    I have not linked the sites as not sure if can on your comment





    thank you again 😀

  4. I’m an unknown at the moment. Hopefully not for too long as I’d like to write more books! My debut YA novel comes out Tuesday, June 3. It’s called Cinderella’s Dress, about a girl in 1940s New York who learns her family has been hiding the real Cinderella’s dress for centuries, and now it is her turn. It’ll be in bookstores and online. For more info, my website is http://shonnaslayton.com/ #atozchallenge

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