V – Christopher Vogler

ChrisVoglerChristopher Vogler currently works in the film industry as a Hollywood Development Executive.  His expertise lies with developing scripts and stories for film.   He uses the mythic structure of the Hero’s Journey as a blueprint for all the films he works on.

Christopher is heavily influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Joseph Campbell was a mythologist and philosopher who worked as a lecturer at a college in the state of New York.  He wrote a book called the Hero of a Thousand Faces which Christopher drew on in his career as a screenwriter and consultant. Carl Jung is the founder of Jungian Psychology, a branch of psychology that explains the relationship of the conscious and unconscious using symbols in dreams as the means to understanding ones deeper self.

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers

WritersJourney3rddropIn this book Christopher lays down the structure that most hollywood movie scripts follow in some new or original form. It makes this book one of the most important for aspiring authors to better understand the craft of storytelling.

As you probably already know, writing is a combination of skills:

1. Appropriate use of language, including spelling and grammar.

2. Writing technique, including style, structure, exposition.

3. The craft of story telling, including the ideas of theme, and the journey.

how-and-why-vogler-journeyIn the Writer’s Journey, Christopher talks about the various essential archetypes that must be in every story for it to feel whole for the reader. For example, Allies, Mentor, and Shadow. Then he takes you through the stages of the hero’s journey.  He explains how the elements can be applied internally in character development, or outwardly in action.  He also gives lots of examples of films and books for you to see how others have achieved it.

This book has inspired my stories and helped me access my creativity. The basic information contained in the book can be found on Christopher’s website STORYTECH, but I do recommend you read the book if the archetypes call you. The book contains in depth explanations and  also support for writer’s on their own journey of creative discovery.

Have you found mythic structure helpful in any way? If so how has it helped you on your journey?




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