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writing magWriting Magazine is published by Warners Group Publications plc in Leeds.  Jonathan Telfer is the Editor. It is a monthly publication that contains various articles, features and regular content, as well as competitions, advertisements and comparisons for all aspects of writing from journalism to fiction to radio to screenplays.

I subscribed back in 2011 because they were offering three Teach Yourself writing books and the Writers & Artists Handbook for free. It’s been nearly three years now and I’m still finding each issue to be useful and informative.  I think if you are serious about a profession, you need to read about your industry.  You need to understand trends, standards, markets and how to negotiate your own place in it.  Writer’s Magazine has helped me understand the different sides of the writing industry.

It’s all very well to say that you’re a writer and just want to create stories but if you can’t then get them out there for submission in the right places, you’re never going to get anywhere. It’s really important to keep in touch with the way the industry operates whether it’s through this particular magazine, or another.

How do you keep in touch with this constantly evolving publishing industry? Have you found an invaluable source of information that you can share here?


5 responses to “W – Writing Magazine

  1. I read The Writer and Writer’s Digest, and I write for Southern Writers Magazine. I also belong to many online groups. I blogged about one of them today. I hope you’ll check it out. Is Writing Magazine a U.S. publication? I’m going to investigate to see. If so, I’ll subscribe. I don’t think we should ever stop reading the trades… No matter how successful we become. If we ever stop learning we’re in trouble! Great post! Thanks.

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