Y – Teach Yourself

Teach YourselfTeach Yourself is a registered trademark of Hodder Headline. They have over 500 titles in the series in a range of topics from educational topics to hobbies and crafts. In this instance I’m going to talk about some of the titles they have in creative writing that have been useful to me in learning how to be a better writer.


List of Works in Creative Writing

Get Started in Creative Writing                           Write a Novel & Get it Published

Get Your Book Published                                       Write a Play & Get it Published

Get your Travel Writing Published                     Write Poetry and Get it Published

Get Your Articles Published                                  Break into Screen Writing

Write Your Life Story & Get it Published           The Secrets to Writing Great Comedy

Get Started in Writing Erotic Fiction                 Writing Television Drama

Write Short Stories & Get Published                  Write a Bestselling Thriller


creative bookGet Started In Creative Writing is written by Stephen May. Stephen writes novels and plays as well as being the director of the Arvon Centre in the UK where he runs writing courses.  This particular title is a basic handbook for any budding writer. It gives an overview of the different types of writing, and has invaluable advice and tips.  It covers, poetry, non-fiction, travel writing, blogging, writing for children, screenwriting, stage plays, radio plays and novels. It also talks about  characterisation, setting and plotting as well as editing, agents and publishers. It also lists various organisations out there to support writers and courses available (UK based). I got a lot out of this book, especially in conjunction with the next title.

write a novelWrite a Novel & Get it Published by Nigel Watts. Nigel has a PhD in Creative & Critical Writing. He is an author as well as a teacher of creative writing. This book focuses more on how to craft a story. Neil talks in great detail about plot and character but also brings up several other topics not covered in the Creative Writing book by Stephen May.  Things like Style, Theme, Viewpoint, and the Eight Point Arc. There is a little cross over in topics between the two books but the two writers offer different words of wisdom and the combination has really helped me develop as a writer.

publishedGet Your Book Published  by Katherine Lapworth. Katherine is a copywriter. She is an expert in the media and an author herself.  This book is really great to give you a broad and thorough view of the publishing industry and how to get yourself published. Its packed full of advice, tips, motivational case studies and insights. It takes through the whole process from getting a manuscript accepted to contracts, production, self publishing, e-publisheing, promotion & Publicity, selling the book and also about the practical side of being a writer, how to keep your finance records, dealing with the dreaded block and support networks.

Another great thing about these titles is that each chapter has a summary page, and various exercises for you to put into practice the things you are learning.  They really are fabulous, and I dip back into them every now again as a reference source when I’m ready to learn something new or I need a refresher. 🙂

What books have you found useful to teach yourself the skill of writing? Or have you read any other books in the Teach Yourself range that were invaluable?



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