Z – Michael E. Zimmerman et al

michaelzMichael E. Zimmerman is a professor of philosophy, a clinical professor of psychology and the co-chair of the environmental studies programme at Tulane University, Louisiana, USA.  He has written various essays and books on environmental philosophy.

bookThe book that particularly influenced me was Environmental Philosophy: From Animal Rights to Radical Ecology.  It was required reading in my third year of university and by the time I read it I had gone through an arc of discovery and disappointment in the subjects of philosophy and ethics.

earthI came to realise through studying Environmental Philosophy, that most people didn’t inherently know that all living beings had rights like I did.

That having these views was considered radical and that ‘Greens’ were considered a fanatical minority in society.

This knowledge when it came disheartened rather than buoyed me and I realised for the first time, that there seemed to be three camps of people on this subject:

  • The passionate souls who believed as I did that the earth has rights to exist as it naturally does,
  • The corporate faceless monsters who think they have the rights to take and act as they like for their personal gain, with no regard or sense of moral duty to other people, animals or the earth, and
  • Those who either don’t care at all, or don’t care enough to be proactive about the situation.

earth2Realising how little power I had to change anything on a grand scale, I made lots of little of choices for my life instead; choices that were available to me.  I am passionate about waste: reusing, reducing and recycling. I shop ethically, locally and organic as much as possible. I boycott specific products or companies, for example: unsustainable palm oil, and nestle products.  

What experiences have you had?  Do you shop ethically and worry about your waste? Have you made the switch to renewable energy? Do you believe The Earth should have rights too?


3 responses to “Z – Michael E. Zimmerman et al

  1. I like to reduce, reuse and recycle and make small choices and hope to influence others to make small choices. I like to barter and swap and turn off taps and light switches. We have a water tank and we compost, all those small things that make the kind of differences readily available to most people. We have nothing at all if we do not have the earth.

  2. Jessica, Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me feedback on my Character Development. It helped a lot and I am going to take your and River’s advice on my character.
    It is funny that we are both in the same class, and yes please post a link to your story I would love to help you out if I can.
    Looking forward to reading your story and hearing from you again. In the course I use my full name Pamela Hampton.

    Pamela Jo

    • You’re welcome Pamela. I’m glad you found it useful. 🙂

      I posted a link on your original comment in facebook on the Insecure Writer’s Support Group page in the end, as I realised it probably wasn’t appropriate on your personal blog!

      I’ll try and find you on the course website but it’s not really designed to be interactive this way and I get the impression that the whole followers thing is just for show. The website makes it very difficult to actually interact and communicate with other people on the course. 😦 I have some friends in a writer’s circle I run and the only way we found each other was to go online simultaneously and comment. My grand hello is still there on the very first page of the first section of the first week. I am under Jessica Triana de Ford. So feel free to follow me and I’ll follow you back. 🙂

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