The A-Z of How to Build a Writer


After a gap of two years with no postings, I’ve decided to undertake the A-Z blog Challenge again. It is a fabulous enterprise run by a fabulous group of people who mediate and collate all challengers in one place and encourage communication, growth and networking for bloggers. Each day except Sundays I will write a post themed around a letter of the alphabet in sequence.

This year I have decided to write about the habits and skills writers need to succeed – the good the bad and the ugly will all be included, and this theme will be entitled: The A-Z of How to Build a Writer, inspired by Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl. If you haven’t read it I recommend it highly!

Day one will start off with one of the ugly ones – Addiction. So tune in by liking, commenting, following and sharing my blog, and find out how you can build yourself into the writer you’ve always wanted to be.


4 responses to “The A-Z of How to Build a Writer

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