Ghosts of the Past

I can’t think of this cliche without being reminded of the terribly written line in the daily prophet by Rita Skeeter, “…his eyes glisten with the ghosts of his past….” (That’s in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in case you’re not a hardcore HP fan like me!) and of course Harry’s clear objection:


It’s a cliche but cliches stick around in our hearts and minds because they resonate with the truth, or at the very least our own personal truths.

To me this particular occurrence comes periodically, usually accompanied by a melancholy of sorts and certainly during periods of resignation towards life in general. Memories can be haunting, they can burst forth into your conscious mind and make you feel those connected feelings all over again as if they were happening afresh.

Old emotional wounds left unattended will fester and rot within you.

Rather than wallow – or should I say after a period of wallowing I finally drag my sorry behind into a more positive space – I find it best to clean and dress the wound.  It will likely take time to heal because the infection is deep, so regular cleaning and dressing will be necessary for some time, but eventually your care and attention will pay off.


The healing of any emotional wound is one of catharsis, and writing about it, whether in a personal journal for your eyes only or through fiction, can be a great help.

I would say at least some of my own characters come out of this process and there’ll be more on this in Unfulfilled Dreams later in the month.

You are welcome to share any of your own experiences about your own personal ghosts in the comments below.  Where are you on your journey? Are you just starting out or have you managed to overcome your ghosts?


3 responses to “Ghosts of the Past

  1. I’ve spent way too much time pining, wallowing in my past. I spent an entire year wrapped up in believing the best part of my life was over. Ugh, pathetic. The past, and its ghosts, should be used for learning and fond remembering, nothing more. I wish I could take my own advice.

  2. I don’t mind admitting that I take time to reflect on the past, but I don’t think I have many ghosts, so most of my reflections are happy. Even if I’m reliving some of my less-than-glorious moments, I can smile and be grateful for all I’ve learned since. It is important, though, not to live in the past. Learn and move on.

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