H – Head-desk Moments

Headdesk or face palm it’s the same thing.  It’s that sinking feeling of knowing you’ve either just written something completely ridiculous or you’ve reached that moment in your story where you realise you don’t give a monkey’s about your main character, and not only that but your contempt for said character is glaringly obvious from the narrative.

Take for instance that irritating woman who books an abortion at a clinic in london and then falls in love with a new guy in the hotel.

Or when you’re writing a really tense scene and then ‘suddenly’… you’ve bumbled with a primary school adverb.

Or what about this faux pas…

“Your so exhausted Alice. Its that stupid plant and they’re lax health and safety.  Their shirking there responsibilities to the workers.  The affects of having less workers monitoring the seals are obviously reaching farther than they foresaw. We’ve got to do something…”

Ok so this sentence didn’t actually happen, but it could have. I’m constantly making rookie grammar mistakes in my writing especially during the first draft where I’m just typing away, completely focused in the moment of the story.  It’s not until later, looking back over my work, that I’m often left wondering how I could possibly have been so oblivious to the errors.

If you want to revise your grammar skills then this site detailing 14 Common Grammatical Mistakes in English is really useful, but there are many such webpages online.

Who else has headdesk moments when writing, and I mean literal head to desk! Also how many grammar mistakes can you see in the above extract? The first person to get it right will have their name given to a flyby character in my next short story. Happy counting!


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