S – Social Media Platforms

In this years A-Z Blog I’m writing about How to Build a Writer. We’re living in the age of technology (though some might argue it’s the age of aquarius!), and publishers now expect writers be more active with the marketing and promoting side of things than in the past.

Writers with a large social media presence are often snapped up more readily than those who don’t, but my research into using Social Media as a marketing tool has come up conflicted. There are all these sites selling books or advising how to sell your book online and then there are those that suggest social media is for networking rather than direct selling.

My experience is leading me to the latter conclusion. My entire network, which consists of facebook, wordpress and wattpad contains only personal acquaintances and other writers. I have the odd follower who has found me randomly and though I jump for joy when it happens, it is a very rare occurrence.

What is your social media presence like and who’s in your network?

I’ve collated a list of webpages with interesting information about how to use social media to build a network as I am still a novice. The potential power of growth and reach online, where there are no distance barriers or costs for advertising and marketing except your time, is enormous. It is an opportunity but it isn’t essential. If you don’t get on with social media then don’t use it. If you can use it then make sure you are maximising the opportunities it offers.

Social Media for Writers is a Misunderstood Opportunity

How Successful Authors Use Social Media to Sell More Books

The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Writers

Real experiences are probably more valuable than theory when it comes to things like this, so if you have any advice for me or my other readers please do share!


3 responses to “S – Social Media Platforms

  1. In addition to my blog, I’m on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I got into social media through blogging about our sailing and travel adventures, along with our day-to-day experiences. More recently, I’ve added writing topics into the mix. My followers (I don’t really like that term, to be honest) are mostly folks who read our blog and then followed along with our other social media channels. I don’t really use social media for networking, although that’s something I should look at doing as I plan on publishing my first novel at some point. Thanks for the links – will check them out.

  2. Most of the articles I’ve read suggest that writers have a newsletter so that readers (maybe a good term instead of followers?) can sign up for information about future releases or other information they may be interested in. MailChimp offers one way to coordinate mailings, and BookBub now allows readers to ‘follow’ specific writers. Thank you for a helpful post!

  3. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. I signed up for a Thunderclap to announce the release of my latest book, even thought that getting 100 participants would be easy. Nope, still struggling to find the last 19. It’s so time consuming, as is the A to Z. Thanks for the links, I will check those out.

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