T – Trivium: Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric

Of the Seven Liberal Arts, The Trivium was considered the lesser path. One studied the ‘three roads’ before embarking on the Quadriuvium ‘the four roads’ of Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.

The lower arts were about language, whilst the higher arts were about Mathematics. As with the actual Quadrivium, the Quadrivium of Building a Writer that I have have outlined previously means nothing without the lesser arts of the Trivium as a foundation.

Grammar this is the bare bones of language; it is its structure and order. It is how we understand what things are and communicate knowledge, intent and experience.

Logic refers to the rational mind and the thought process. The ability to understand the world and define it using the code of words we use to communicate.

Rhetoric goes one step even further and is the application of Grammar and Logic to teach and persuade others of your understanding.


Philosophia et septem artes liberales, The seven liberal arts – Picture from the Hortus delicarum of Herrad of Landsberg (12th century).

Wikipedia says the Trivium can be understood like this:

It is the knowledge (Grammar) now understood (Logic) being transmitted outwards as wisdom (Rhetoric).

The Trivium, then, is the means with which we use language to communicate accurately what we wish to say; and without it a writer cannot hope to create works of any meaning or note.


Shield of the Trinity representation of the Trinity.

The diagram above is in the same layout as the Shield of the Trinity an old Christian drawing depicting the Holy Trinity.  As you can see Absolute truth lies at the heart, deep within the conscious mind. The faculties of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric interact and can bridge the divide of consciousness to reach the truth.

What are your thoughts?


5 responses to “T – Trivium: Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric

  1. Such an interesting blog, I’m visiting from A to Z.
    Logic is fails many. Lately, with so many conspiracy theories afloat, people forget just because it makes sense. It may not be truth which is the heart of trivium.
    Good read. I’m busy catching up with many.

    • Thank you. 🙂 There are over 1000 participants in the challenge and I think it is impossible to visit every single one and follow them all through the month.

      Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to read some. Hope to chat more with you in the future.

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