U – Unfulfilled Dreams

If you’ve spent your life as an observer rather than a participant then you will have many unfulfilled dreams. It’s what happens when you get swept up in the currents of life:  all the things you wish you’d done and now it’s too late to go back.

It is never too late to do something but things will never be as you imagine they could have. For example, one of my unfulfilled dreams is to have been a dancer, a ballerina even. Perhaps I had enough skill; perhaps I didn’t. The reality is now I never will. I am too old to make a career from dancing professionally. Youth is essential. What I can do though is join classes and regain my fitness. I can accept that I am a private dancer not a public one and that what matters is the dance itself in my dream fulfilment.


As writers though we can go one step further. It is one of the many wonderful advantages of storytelling. We can work through those painful missed opportunities and wasted time by creating our selves in our characters and fictionalising our dreams.

We have the gift of hindsight and time travel, of imagination and creation; with these we can work through a catharsis and write a ‘what if’ story that changes an unfulfilled dream into one that has been lived, albeit in the world of imagination.

What dreams in your life have gone unfulfilled and have you ever written a story about them?


4 responses to “U – Unfulfilled Dreams

  1. Yes jess! Exactly! I have never written about any unfulfilled dreams as far as I’m aware. But tue sub-conscience is a weird place so maybe I have without realising it! Also on the ballet front are you still going wednesday mornings? As soon as I’m paid I want to get on that train! I always wanted to learn to dance!

    • I am when I’m not looking after my niece. 🙂 I’ll be back there next wednesday. You should defo come along it’s lovely and there’s tea and coffee after too so people can stay and chat for a bit. 🙂

      • I can’t next wednesday as I am with me nan but the weds after if you don’t have your niece I can come 🙂 (I think, unless I’m at my sisters. Will let you know tues 🙂

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