From Escapism to Politics: a shift in personal expression


I hadn’t wanted to make this a political blog, but it would seem the universe has other plans. I was brought together with some very amazing people today and together we are going to embark on a campaign to fight the proposed closures to four community hospitals in South Devon & Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group.

I intend to post something every day for the consultation period, and if like me you are confused by the structure and processes that make the NHS such a controversial organisation, I promise that by the end we will all be experts.

So if you’re one of those people who will be affected by the proposals but don’t know what it will mean for you or how to voice your concerns, stick with me because I’ll have the answers for you; and if you’re embarking on your own campaigns in other parts of the UK, but don’t know how to fight, you’ll be able to learn from our experiences down here in South Devon and apply what works  in your area.

Here’s to reclaiming a public NHS.



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