Why should we be concerned about hospitals closing?


Many people descry: ‘the NHS is underfunded and has to make cuts’. I would argue that it has been deliberately underfunded to make people choose to turn to private healthcare. I would also argue that there is plenty of money for both MP’s and Lords: for their salaries and their exorbitant expenses.

There is money enough to subsidise our energy companies, and there is money enough to renew our nuclear trident programme. It is the government’s responsibility to provide sufficient funds from our National Insurance contributions to fund it. That’s what it’s for after all.

It is also our government’s choice to divert the needed funds and undermine the integrity of all our public services.

Just a thought… why do we still call public transport, public transport? It ceased being publicly owned in 1997.

From what I can understand so far there are two types of hospital: The General or Acute Hospital, and the Community Hospital.

The General Hospitals are the hubs of an area where A&E is, and it hosts a multitude of departments that deal with different ailments and different treatments.

Community Hospitals on the other hand are much smaller and often have minor injury units though not all, but mostly their purpose is to take patients who are no longer in emergency medical attention, but are still not well enough to go home or take care of themselves properly. This function as you will see is the one that is causing a great deal of concern at the moment.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about what departments we have in South Devon & Torbay CCG and at which hospitals they can be found. Sign up to my mailing list so you don’t miss out.


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