NHS Public Consultation: Have you been consulted?

South Devon & Torbay CCG is proposing the closure of  four community hospitals as well as other changes to services within the area. Get informed about what the plans are by reading the proposals for yourself here.

This is a short video by the CCG inviting people to come and learn about these proposals and share their views. If you have any experience in healthcare, or wellbeing services, your thoughts and ideas are not only welcomed but essential. The pressures driving these changes are not going to go away and saving the NHS requires collaboration and integration of people, services and organisations of all kinds. Everyone’s voice counts, everyone’s ideas matter.

The following video from the Guardian is very long (nearly 2 hours), and is chaired by Denis Campbell their health correspondent. Even if all you watch is the first 10 minutes, you’ll see that services are over capacity. There are too many people to serve, and not enough beds. A&E in particular struggles with admissions of non-emergency patients that clog up space.

Lastly this video, also made by the Guardian has a positive message of saving the NHS. The answer is simple. It needs more money, ‘efficiency savings just aren’t going to cut it’.

I will be working my way through all the documents and posting my findings over the next few months. Join my email list to stay up to date with this consultation process, or like my face book page to get notifications that way.

Please like and share to all your friends on social media as well. Everyone should know that this is happening because these changes will affect all of us in South Devon & Torbay. If you’re not sure if it will affect you or not, check the map here.


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