Breakdown of Proposals for Torbay & South Devon CCG

20160912_093100After reading the document Into the Future, which outlines and justifies the proposals for restructuring the way the NHS provides services for the area, I have discovered that the plans cover much more than just the closure of four community hospitals and I’ve detailed a brief outline below.

The proposed model tries to focus on wellbeing of the public by returning responsibility of one’s own health back to the individual and reducing the need for medical intervention.

This is a fantastic basis for a model, but as to its implementation that is less clear whether the proposals will attain the full extent of their intentions.

The proposed model of care will look like this:


Proposed new model of care (page 9 of Into the Future: Re-shaping community-based health services).

GP – These would remain unchanged. They are the primary stop for most patients.

Local health and wellbeing centres – These would have a community based staff and work alongside GPs, pharmacists and voluntary-sector organisations to provide health and wellbeing services.  At this stage it is unclear what services will be provided.  They will be dealt with in a future post.

Clinical Hubs – These will take the place of our remaining community hospitals. Beds will be lost overall, but some hospitals will have a considerable increase in beds. Services provided will also be widened.

Acute or General Hospitals – Where only serious medical needs will be met.

People will generally go to their GP who will refer them, depending on the seriousness of the health issue, to local health and wellbeing centres, Clinical Hubs or Acute Hospitals. The idea being that patients receive the care they need more quickly, by the right people closer to their home.

A model is one thing though, and as great as this model sounds, there is no information at this stage about exactly what NHS services and departments will be offered at each site.

Here are some hard facts about the reality of what it will look like for the CCG area.

Example: Moor to Sea

What could services look like and where would they be?

Clinical hub in Totnes (currently Totnes Hospital)

  • Minor injuries Unit MIU 8am-8pm (currently open until 9pm)
  • X-ray diagnostics services
  • New multi long-tern conditions clinic
  • Specialist outpatient clinics
  • 16 community beds (currently 18)
  • Rehabilitation gym
  • Pharmacist

Health and wellbeing centre in Dartmouth (plans to co-locate with Dartmouth Medical Practice in new premises)

  • Community clinics
  • Rehabilitation gym
  • Pharmacy
  • Enhanced primary care MIU services
  • Health and wellbeing team

Health and wellbeing centre in Ashburton or Buckfastleigh (co-locate with GP if possible)

  • Community clinics
  • Health and wellbeing team

Health and wellbeing centre in Totnes (co-locate with GP if possible)

  • Community clinics
  • Health and wellbeing team

Extract from pg 16 of the document.

Things to take away from this:

  • Dartmouth hospital has 16 beds and Ashburton and Buckfastleigh 10 beds. That is a total of 28 beds lost overall including 2 lost at Totnes to meet safe staffing ratios.
  • Dartmouth Community Hosptial would close.
  • Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Community Hospital would close.
  • Chillington community services are not offered by Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and therefore they don’t feel the need to assess whether residents’ care needs will be met under the new model even though they are in the CCG area.
  • Health and Wellbeing centres will be co-located in GP’s which makes sense if there is the space to do so, but is there really enough space within GP surgeries to just tag on a whole new centre or will it become an extra arm of the GP and then not fully realise the potential of itself in its own right as a centre to monitor and support public wellbeing?


Finally, this is only how it might look. This proposal is still not specific so any consultation based on this information is pointless. This document provides a possible look at what they would like to do, but offers few actual specifics of what services will be provided, what hospital clinics or departments will be closed or added at the hub, and what people will actually have access to. Hopefully this information is available in the area specific documents which I will be detailing over the coming week so stay tuned.


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