Proposed changes to Medical Services in Newton Abbot

South Devon & Torbay CCG is proposing changes to the way medical services are provided by the NHS in its area. In the Newton Abbot locale this includes an increase in beds from20-45, plus a further 15 beds in the stroke department.

The Minor Injuries Unit will see a reduction in hours from 8am-10pm to 8am-8pm, and the placement of two health and wellbeing centres, one in Newton abbot and one at either Bovey Tracey or Chudleigh.

What could services look like and where would they be?

Clinical hub in Newton Abbot (currently Newton Abbot Hospital)

  • MIU 8am-8pm seven days a week.
  • X-ray diagnostic services
  • New long-term conditions clinic
  • Specialist outpatient clinics
  • Community beds (45)
  • Stroke unit
  • Rehabilitation gym
  • Pharmacist

Health and wellbeing centre for Newton Abbot (as part of plans to co-locate health and wellbeing services with local GP practices)

  • Health and wellbeing team
  • Community clinics

Health and wellbeing centre for Bovey Tracey and Chudleigh (developing plans to co-locate services with Bovey Tracey and Chudleigh GP practice)

  • Health and wellbeing team
  • Community clinics

Extracted from the Into the Future booklet

Take aways

X-ray diagnostics will now be available during MIU hours – currently it is only available on certain days, at certain times.

A new long-term conditions clinic is welcome news and will help to alleviate pressure in acute hospitals by reducing the number of separate appointments a patient with multiple long term conditions must make. They can be seen closer to home by one person for all their needs.

There is no information given about what specialist outpatient clinics will be added, removed or remain.

Health & Wellbeing Centres will again be co-located with a GP practice. I am not convinced  that co-location is the best thing for patients. It may seem great for the patients of that particular GP practice, but what about the majority of patients from other areas who must travel to that centre. How will a GP cope in terms of space and volume of referrals to their building from the surrounding areas? Newton Abbot area encompasses Ipplepen and Kingskerswell villages and then north encompassing Bovey Tracey and Chudleigh.

There is one GP in Bovey Tracey and one in Chudleigh. What happens if neither of these GP’s has the adequate facilities within their buildings to support a health and wellbeing team? How will they fund this service and more importantly when?

As you can see the fact that the whole document is based on coulds and woulds leaves everything in the realm of possibility. When will these changes take effect? When will these teams be in place? How will they recruit if there is a shortage of staff forcing hospital closures anyway? None of these questions are addressed.

I urge you to go to a public meeting to ask these questions to find out what will happen to services in your area after the closures, and how long it will be before you have access to specific services again. When will these plans for health and wellbeing centres be implemented and how will they recruit and staff them?

Bovey Tracey public meeting was on the 13th September, but Chudleigh’s is in two days time. If you can’t make that go to any of the other dates, it doesn’t matter which one you go to as all the meetings are referring to the broad changes happening across the whole CCG from Chudleigh to Chillington in the South Hams.

If you can’t get to a meeting, read the proposals on line and complete the survey with your comments and/or concerns. The survey will be encrypted and sent via survey monkey to Health watch UK – an independent, charitable organisation that ensures public engagement and stands up for public rights to healthcare. They are monitoring the submission of comments to ensure that they are seen and counted during the consultation period. Every comment counts but please make sure you are informed before you do so.

If you want to connect with other people who are worried about NHS service provision please message me using the form below.



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