Proposed Changes to Medical Services in Torquay


Every day this week I’ve broken down what the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) consultation document has proposed to change in each area of South Devon & Torbay CCG – Moor to Sea, Newton Abbot, Paignton & Brixham and today I will write about Torquay.

There has been a strong pattern across the CCG. The closure of community hospitals and the formation of Health and Wellbeing Centres.  Both the Torbay (Acute) Hospital and Castle Circus Health Centre will continue to deliver their respective services without change. There will be the creation of a Health and Wellbeing Centre for Torquay, co-located with a local GP. It will have a Health and Wellbeing Team, Multi long-term conditions service, enhanced intermediate care services, and Community Clinics.

There is a community team in Torquay piloting the enhanced services though there is no mention of what the results of the scheme have been or what impact it has had on the patients it has helped.


I am sorry to say that the individual consultation documents for each area is only a word for word repetition of the information contained within the larger consultation. Where they could have elaborated and explained the details of the proposals, they have failed to do so.

All in all I am very disappointed and you should be too.

Either they have created these documents to screen and hide the truth that there is no money for these changes and the cuts have to be made anyway, or they don’t trust the public with all the information – either because they think we wouldn’t understand it, or because they are worried we’d disagree.

Without knowing the full facts about budgets and demographics it is very difficult to openly contradict the need for the changes expressed in these documents, and without any certainties or specifics no one should agree to them.

It’s like an open contract. If you say YES to these changes, you are basically giving them the freedom to implement them or to implement anything they choose in the coming years under the banner of this consultation because they have only proposed ideas not the meat and bones of what will happen, as well as a wishy washy idea for what might be put in place: read between the lines… if they can find the money to do it.

But if they can’t find the money what then? They’re under no legal obligation to provide because they said it in the consultation this is what ‘could’ happen.

That, just simply, is not good enough. The public deserves more from this overpaid managerial organisation. It deserves results. It deserves a plan that will benefit the people not satisfy a government that is eager to dispose of another public service.  We deserve for the CCG to do their jobs and bridge the gap upwards between what the public needs and the money the government is allocating.

Join the growing network of campaigners fighting to protect the NHS and the people who will be marginalised and unable to receive the care they need because the NHS no longer provides it and they cannot afford private care. Comment below or get in touch via 38 Degrees Teignbridge facebook page.




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