Why I Chose to Become a Writer

I am first and foremost a mother to two children, Jared and Carmen. I missed the early years of their life because I mistakenly believed being a strong, independent woman meant juggling a career as well as home commitments. The reality I found was a stressful fight.  Nothing worked and things that should have made life easier made them harder.

After my redundancy in 2010, I vowed never to let anything take my prime focus away from their wellbeing.   Sometimes I can be a little radical in my views and I often make mistakes of judgement. It was these mistakes and my inner yearning for something better that drove me on.

I chose to become a writer for many reasons. The first I enjoy using my imagination. Second, in my youth, I was good at creating worlds of fiction and writing short stories. Thirdly, I could work from home putting my children’s needs first.

It has been many years of hard work in learning the art of crafting a story, from conception to plotting, and editing to marketing. I knew nothing about being a writer when I began and I certainly do not think of myself as a professional writer, not yet. One day, and not a whimsical wish of a one day, but an actual certain one day, I hope I can.

At the time of writing this bio, I am happy. I may be struggling financially, but I know the path I am following is the right one. I hope to achieve success as a writer and only time will tell. I hope if nothing else I inspire a few to live the way that brings them joy as well.


One response to “Why I Chose to Become a Writer

  1. This is really cool. I am a single mom to a beautiful two year and I struggle with life goals. I do not work full time but I am not sure if what I am doing is right for me. I love my job but I feel like I am missing out on some very important stuff.
    I believe that writing could help a ton! Though financially, you are right, it can be a struggle but worth it if both you and your family is happy and together.

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