Finvaard is fourteen year old boy who has grown up in the forest with his pagan father and with little contact with the outside world. When his father dies unexpectedly, he’s thrust into the unknown world of mainstream living, with a mother he’s never known, a hostile step father and three spoiled step-siblings.

Finn must grapple with the loss of his father, functioning in a hostile world where people have forgotten the oldways and going to school for the first time. At the same time he discovers the very real power of the Runes and begins to make cross-dimensional journeys along Yggdrassil, the World Ash.

He makes friends and enemies both in this world and in others, but will he hone his inner power before his enemies join forces to eliminate the only human left who can prevent the complete destruction of the nine worlds?

The fight between good and evil is no longer a philosophical and mythological debate. It is real and fought on this plane. Will he defeat the darkness whose tentacular hooks threaten to keep him from realising his true nature as a wanderer of the worlds in time to save his new friends from the Fire Demons that seek to escape their fiery tomb?


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